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Anvil Tango

March 9, 2015

Now Anvil Tango was a band you’ll never have heard of. Its members were me and people who played table tennis in my team. Anvil Tango was an anagram of our team name – ‘Lavington A’.

We gave one performance at a Table Tennis prize giving event. It had been themed as a 60s evening and each team were supposed to provide something in the way of entertainment. In the end, the entertainment was all by Anvil Tango so I needed to produce a song book.


This was in the mid-1990s – twenty years ago and I was using an Acorn A3000 Archimedes type computer. What a brilliant machine that was! Not only could I design a front cover, I arranged simple music for our teenaged keyboard player.


So there we have one of our pieces.

I was lucky with my team for all had some musical talent. I can strum a guitar and do a bit of simple lead work. Tony could also strum and had a pretty good singing voice. But Bruce was a semi-professional singer so he was the front man on stage. Jonny’s dad was a music teacher so he had to be a musician – taking the keyboard role which provided a bit of a bass line. (As arranger, I can’t cope with the bass clef and I see I made the poor lad use the treble clef for the bass line.) That left Pete, who I once heard perform on vibes, as our drummer. We put Pete at the back and kept him as quiet as possible for his sense of timing didn’t ever seem to agree with the rest of us.

We enjoyed our one off performance enormously – we played a set of ten songs, one for each year of the 60s. The audience seemed happy, but we certainly had the best time that evening.

A couple of years ago I sold my electric guitar but I still play an acoustic from time to time.

Shame we have no photos of us in concert.