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January 26, 2015

In my post about Old Father Time a few days ago I mentioned that sport wasn’t important in my childhood home and then went on to say how much I remembered the 1956 ashes series.

Well who could forget the Old Trafford test match that year when Jim Laker took 19 out of 20 Australian wickets to win the match for England and to create a new word. The Australians were well and truly ‘lakered’!

I suspect, but can’t remember, that this little saucer came into the family that year.


Well the kangaroo batsman is clearly an Ozzie and he’s turned to see his wicket being broken by what must have been a very clever piece of bowling. It surely must have been produced to commemorate 1956.

Whilst I am not certain of the year, I recall very much my own feelings of jealousy for this little saucer was given to my brother. By heck how I wanted one as well. That is, I have to say, the most jealous feeling I think I ever had.

And oh so sadly, the saucer has now been mine for ages, for my brother died 35 years ago at such a young age.

Let’s look at the maker’s mark on the back.


The saucer was produced by Adams who were established in 1657 in England.

I can find nothing about this saucer and I’d love to know if my memory is playing tricks.