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A Collision of Interests

November 29, 2012

If you look at this blog with any regularity, you’ll know I’m interested in family history and railways. On 7th June 1884 an event took place which merges both interests. The location was the railway station at Sevenoaks in Kent. The event was a train crash involving great great grandfather, John Ware. A local photographer recorded the scene soon after this event.

John had been driving that leading engine. He and his fireman were crushed and killed. Interestingly the second engine – the one on its side – came off better and the crew survived. Both engines were hauling the same goods train which ran into another at the station.

A distant relative has the pocket watch that my ancestor had with him whilst driving this train.

The lock of hair was inside (and still is) the watch. We do not know whose hair it is. I guess it is probably the hair of his first wife who had died in 1869. John married my great great grandmother, Amelia, in 1871

So two interests collided with fatal results – and here’s an afterthought.

After three years, Amelia finally had access to John’s estate – a princely £5 worth. A couple of years later, she remarried