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Third Place in the Four Legged Race

March 29, 2014

Paul Piper was my mother in law’s cousin. He was a man I knew for as an adult he left his native Cornwall and came to live and work in Sussex, not so far from my home or that of my then girlfriend.

That he, like his father, had kept a scrapbook, I had no idea until after he died and other members of his family ended up in forms of residential care.

Then, out of the blue, his scrapbook came to us. I have picked one item from his scrapbook here, mostly because it brings a smile to me.

Paul was awarded a certificate for coming third place in the four legged race at his school sports.


His school was the St Austell County School with its motto of ‘learn the power of true labour’. If you judge by the images on the certificate, the sports day must have been a varied event with everything from sack races…


…to karting…


…and what’s this? Bobbing for sausages?


The certificate seems to carry a date of 1925. If that was the year in which Paul won it, he’d have been barely five at the time. I think 1925 was the year the artist drew the certificate which shows the school itself at the top and a view in St Austell at the bottom. Paul would have been a pupil at the school in the 1930s.

What a great certificate – such a fun family item. The school itself has evolved and changed but memories are kept alive on its web site.