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Authentic Weather

November 26, 2014

We have a habit of going to wilder parts of the UK for holidays. Cornwall often features. It isn’t that far from home, it is utterly beautiful, has a north and south coast only a few miles apart but often with quite different weather and if it is bad we can do a spot of genealogy for my wife has Cornish blood in her.

On one occasion, many years ago, we stopped for a stroll on Bodmin Moor. It was very misty – almost heavy enough to call it drizzle. The ground under foot was very wet and giant slugs were out in force. We stopped to ‘admire’ one of those big orange ones. At this point a fellow traveller loomed out of the mist and stopped. It turned out she was an American lady.

‘Gee! This is so authentic’, she declared.

For a while we didn’t know if she meant the slug or the weather but we deemed it was probably the weather. I surmise that she might have been a Daphne Du Maurier fan. We weren’t all that far from Jamaica Inn.

But that phrase of authentic weather (or slugs) has stuck with us.

I note in my diary for August 12th 2004 that I described the weather as authentic. Mind you, this wasn’t in Cornwall by a long shot. This was on the wonderful Orkney Islands. We were looking at some of the ancient standing stones.


This is a part of the Ring of Brodgar. It probably dates from around 2000BC so is around 4000 or more years old.

The photo makes it clear that it was a tad misty – perfect authentic weather for this kind of place.

We moved on to the Stones of Stenness


It was still very authentic!

This monument is at least 5000 years old and needs a person in it to give it some scale.


Yes, that’s a mighty stone.

This is another monument where we have an improved image painted by our daughter.


She’s able to make it seem less misty but it still retains an authentic look.