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Cooper’s Marmalade

July 22, 2016

Cooper’s Oxford Marmalade was ‘invented’ by Sarah Cooper in 1874. It proved popular and became the main item produced by Frank Cooper in Oxford. It was sold in very lovely stoneware jars and we have one.


We can see the marmalade is claimed as ‘homemade’ and had a royal appointment badge.

I can’t date this jar. I guess at early 20th century but that is, as stated, a guess. If you know better then let me know.

The jar maker has impressed his name in the base.


The manufacturer was Maling of Newcastle.

Any further information will be gratefully received.

Please note that I do not buy or sell items like this. They just form part of my personal history.

A ginger beer bottle

June 30, 2016

Let’s start with my usual, ‘I do not collect bottles’. However bottles sometimes find me and this is one of them It’s a stoneware bottle for ginger beer.


This is quite small, standing about 7 inches tall with its stopper, The company manufacturing the drink were R Fry and Co who were Brighton based  manufacturers of mineral waters – lemonade and the like..

I know little of the company history but I do recall that R Fry lemonade (in glass bottles) was available during my 1950s childhood in Sussex.

I particularly like the fact that this bottle has an R Fry stopper.image004I’m guessing that this could date from about the 1920s but I am no expert and would be pleased to be corrected.

I’ll also add that, unseen in my photos, a large lump of the outer glaze is missing on the back of the bottle which probably renders it valueless to collectors.

 Like this bottle – but don’t need any more!