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Screw in Stoppers

July 4, 2014

I have said before, I do not collect bottles, but somehow some arrive with me. Actually, I do like old glass bottles, mostly because they have writing on them, produced when the bottle was moulded. I also rather like screw-in stoppers – assuming they have writing on them.

Here’s a little collection of mine.


The bottles have the matching thread moulded into the neck. The rubber washer on the stopper (perished or missing on this collection) ensures a tight seal. But as I say, it is the writing which makes them interesting so lets take a look.


This one was from Simonds of Reading. This brewery started business in 1785 and remained in production until the 21st century although name changes had taken place before then.

More interesting to me is a Wadworth stopper. Wadworth are the local brewer still running under that name in Devizes, our local town.


Two of the stoppers have this on top. I can only guess that 1939 might be the year they were made. Maybe somebody could tell me more.

So to the fourth of the stoppers.


R. Fry were  manufacturers of aerated mineral water (fizzy pop to us) and based at Tonbridge Wells in Kent. This is the correct stopper for the bottle I have used to photograph all of them. It’s an earthenware rather than a glass bottle.


I find it an interesting little collection.