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A pig in a park

August 27, 2014

No, I don’t mean a poke this time. I have done a blog called a pig in a poke and that was about the house we bought getting on for forty years ago and which we still live in.

Actually, that house came equipped with pig sties and I have been a pig keeper. I know enough to be wary, for pigs have sharp teeth but I also know enough to be friendly with pigs and to expect friendship in return.

We had a day visiting friends who took us for a walk in Stowe Park, near Buckingham. They had been before and warned us we might meet ‘the mad pig of Stowe’ as they dubbed it.

We certainly didn’t meet a mad pig for what we met was a sleeping pig. In fact it’s hard to say you really met a sleeping pig for it barely batted an eyelid for us.

The pig may be the only representative of its species in the field, but it has plenty of sheep for company.


And being on a tourist attraction pig probably can enjoy the company of humans – when not overcome by sleep.

The pig, large in size and black in colour, so possibly of the large black breed, had a pig sized hollow in which it had settled down so that the wind could whistle above it.  It was so asleep that some of our party thought it was dead – but I could see the chest going up and down.


What a beauty – but beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. I suspect most would say this beast had an ugly face.


The poor thing was troubled by flies, but it didn’t seem too bothered.

What a lovely animal, although I’d definitely be very wary of those teeth!