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Sweeping the Chimney

October 31, 2013

The other day I called on a friend who had just had his chimney swept. I commented that I did my own.

The reply, and it was genuine, was, ‘You’re a very clever man. I did my own once and I never saw such a mess.

I hadn’t realised that sweeping a chimney called for any particular cleverness – not that I’d be knocking the skill of those who do it for a living.

As a rural dweller, I tend to burn some wood to supplement the central heating. We only have an open fire – that makes sweeping easy. The fire surround is one of those early 1950s tile jobs. It’s very period and not at all to the taste of the twenty first century youngster.

Yesterday I did the job, ready for the log burning season. So here we are ready to go.


The very simple pieces of the fire are out of the way. Protective newspaper is down. The vacuum cleaner hose is in place and the brush is ready on the first length of rod.

I bought the rods many years ago at a jumble sale or charity auction. Apart from the chimney cleaning, they come in very useful when I need to rod through the drains leading to our septic tank.

I live in a bungalow, so it is not a huge job. The important thing is to always twist the rods in an anti-clockwise direction which makes sure the rods stay screwed together.

After a few minutes of pushing and twisting adding more rods to get higher up the chimney, the brush appears out of the chimney pot.


It is then a case of pulling the brush back down, removing the rod lengths one by one.

There’s a goodly pile of soot which I collect with dustpan and brush and spread around some growing vegetables. It is thought that slugs don’t like traversing soot. The vacuum cleaner can collect the little bits that are left.

Tidy up – job done!

I haven’t yet noticed a layer of black soot settling everywhere!

By the way, the second chimney pot is now defunct.