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March – Eric Ravilious

March 31, 2014

This, I suspect, is one of Eric’s best known images. It features as the March picture on the 2014 Ravilious calendar.


All those who realise I love railways will think that I love this picture. Those who know I am a Wiltshire dweller will think I do, too, for the view from the train window shows the Westbury White Horse. That’s something I pass by on a fairly regular basis. In fact, here’s a 2001 view when the old horse was in need of a clean up.


Yes, I do love the picture. It’s a great work of art but all is not quite as it seems.

Eric’s original picture showed the Long Man of Wilmington through the train window. He wasn’t satisfied and his wife, Tirzah, a quality artist herself, did a real cut and paste job, affixing the Wiltshire white horse in place of the Sussex giant.

As a railway nerd, I always thought that looked like an old Sussex train. Everything about it says so to me, from the lettering showing a carriage number to the leather strap for opening the window. Somehow that carriage looked wrong in Wiltshire. Most folks won’t notice that.

So all the brush strokes are by Eric, but the composition of the work is Tirzah’s. Between them – what team work – they created a wonderful and evocative image of times past.