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Rye – Tourism and Genealogy

September 27, 2013

On a trip to Rye back in 1979 we were tourists on holiday. It was a cheap holiday. We stayed with Grandma and purchased a week’s worth of rail rover tickets for an area in Sussex. Rye was available on our tickets so we went.

Using the old Canon Demi camera we recorded a few tourist landmarks.


One of the town gates – I’m not sure which.


That’s a very youthful me on the left, pushing my even more youthful son in his pushchair. That was about his last push, for later in the day a wheel fell off the chair and from then on he had to walk. Oh, it’s the much photographed Mermaid Inn.

When we visited in 2006, we were still tourists, of course, but now we were genealogy tourists for I had discovered that a four greats grandfather had lived in Rye. His name was Henry Huggett and he was born in 1788 at nearby Peasmarsh. He was a carpenter and only moved into Rye in later life. He lived on a street which was called, delightfully, ‘Wish Ward’.


Henry lived at number 1 and here it is.


It’s the humble home with the blue door.

Henry’s son, also Henry who was the brother of my direct ancestor now ran the carpentry business and he lived nearby. This is his house.


It’s the second, white fronted house we see – the one getting a lick of paint. It’s on Ferry Road.

Being a genealogy tourist in Rye gave us a whole new perspective on the place as we trudged the back streets, away from Mermaid Street and the tourist areas – albeit barely 100 yards away. Like anywhere else, Rye’s origins were not in being a pretty tourist town. It was a working place, with access to the sea and where real people did real jobs.