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Another Heron

October 30, 2015

Do we all get more interested in wildlife as we get older? I’m not sure and I know I have always got a little thrill out of seeing interesting plants and animals.

Herons (correctly grey herons) were not that common in my childhood and so they always created a little bit of excitement when seen. These days I seem to see them quite often but still get a buzz from seeing them and, if possible, grabbing a photo or two.

Earlier this month we made our way along the Trough of Bowland in Lancashire. We had stopped for a wander when my wife thought she saw a heron fly over. Soon it buzzed right past us and settled but not in the best place for photography although my wife, using our old (20th century) camera with 1.3mpixel images, captured this one.


Heron decided we constituted a threat and made off to another location where he felt safe. I’m sure he was right, but he came well within range of my camera.


Herons are such odd looking birds when on the ground. An annoying wall between me and him hid his feet.

Time to hold camera above head height and shoot and hope.


What a character! I love his little spiky hair do.


He really is a grand chap (or girl for I can’t tell the difference).