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Holiday Haunts 1964

June 21, 2016

This book gives an indication of the decline in railways as a means of getting on holiday. Until 1962 such books were issued by the railway but after that publication was down to other commercial concerns. The introduction says it all.


HERE is the second Dickens Press edition of HOLIDAY HAUNTS.
The first, in 1963, was successor to the long line of British Railways issues which ceased in 1962. It was felt that here was a reference book essential to holidaymakers in Britain. The success and support which greeted our first publication of HOLIDAY HAUNTS has confirmed that opinion.

But let’s take a look at the book.


For half a crown (12½p) you could buy a guide to the whole of the UK running to more than 500 pages. It gave some general overviews of areas and then had a gazetteer listing and describing pretty well all holiday places. My local town, Devizes, gets a mention.

DEVIZES. Wiltshire. – 86 miles London (43/- Ordinary 2nd Class Return), 203 miles
Manchester (100/-),418 miles Glasgow (/74/-).
Pop.: 8,497. E.C. Wed. Mkt. Thurs.
Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury are not many miles from this historic town in the heart of Wiltshire; and in the museum of Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural Historic Society are notable exhibits of times long past.
Golf (9), tennis, bowls, open-air swimming pool. Coarse fishing. Caravan park. Cinema. Carnival (September).
Annual fairs (April and October).

We get distances and train fares from some major places – early closing and market days – an attraction is mentioned and various annual events and activities are listed.

But of course, much of this bit of memorabilia is adverts and for no obvious reason I have picked out Clacton.image004

I suppose things haven’t changed that much but destinations probably have.

Recent local bird life

November 4, 2014

We were sitting having lunch towards the end of October when food took second place to the birds outside the window.

I had seen a flash of yellow outside the window and thought it just might be a grey wagtail. We rarely see them at home. I associate them much more with streams and wilder places. Our garden is on quick dry sand.

But then my wife announced a flock of mixed tits but added the one with the long tail was definitely not a tit. It was a most well behaved grey wagtail – actually one of two paying us a visit.

Why well behaved?  Because they gave me time to get up, go to another room, retrieve a camera and come back. And the little beauty was still posing.


One of the birds then found something fascinating on our garage roof.


Its friend performed the hokey cokey on the roof ridge.


We were still admiring the wagtail when another occasional visitor arrived.


This is a great spotted woodpecker and we see him (or her) from time to time. Once again he posed for ages on our bird table and then our nut feeder.

We feel amazingly lucky to get these visitors – and let’s never say British wildlife is dull. There are all sorts of vibrant colours to be seen. We may not have ‘big six’ wildlife but what we get plenty that is simply magnificent.