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Arten Gill

November 22, 2015

The railway line between Ribblehead and Dent is dramatic in scenery and engineering. What is the case, in my eyes, is that the Victorian railway engineering actually enhances the natural beauty of the area.

Ribblehead Viaduct is well known and I have featured that on this blog. Soon after northbound trains cross the viaduct they plunge into Blea Moor Tunnel – well over a mile and a half long. Once through that there are a couple more significant viaducts before England’s highest station at Dent is reached. One of the viaducts is over Arten Gill.

This is Arten Gill viaduct as seen from near Dent Station. It is in a remote location, but once Arten Gill was a veritable hive of industry.


Having left this good view point, I realised a freight train was about to cross the viaduct so I found another, less good viewpoint and snapped.


Having had these glimpses, I had to take a closer look.


Now that is glorious. It is taller than Ribble
head and the confined location probably makes it look taller still. And here’s my wife as we start to get up close to the viaduct.


Yes, it is a fine view down Arten Gill.


The viaduct is made of the local stone which is called Dent marble but is actually a form of limestone.


This time we were lucky enough to see a passenger train cross the viaduct.


What a lovely, lonely location. Building the viaduct there almost beggars belief.

A waterfall in Deepdale

November 6, 2015

Some might call me a bit old fashioned. When I want to take photos I use one of those rather quaint things called a camera. Now I’m not so old fashioned that I use a film camera. In fact I was the first person I knew who turned to digital photography. What I mean is, I don’t use a phone or, heaven forbid, try to waft a tablet in front of my face to take a photo. I like a camera with a viewfinder I can hold to my eye. Of course, from time to time I make use of the live screen on the back of the camera and at times I could wish for one with a swivel screen. But I grew up in the age of the box camera and found the eye level viewfinder such a boon and I have no long term wish to go back.

One ‘hazard’ of my choice is that if I take a portrait format photo I have to rotate it on my computer and that’s what I had to do with this photo of a waterfall in Deepdale, not far from Dent where we were staying.

image002 But sometimes you get things wrong. I did here. That photo is upside down. I was staggered at how it still seemed to work as a waterfall.


That’s the right way round.

This waterfall is on Gastack Beck and is close beside the road from Dent to Ingleton. This is not a hugely visited area but is as lovely as elsewhere in the Yorkshire Dales.

Let’s see a different view of the same fall.