I like puzzles and always have. My dad had puzzles to baffle over and so, too did Grandad. It must be something of a family failing.

This one is a fairly recent addition to the collection.


We start off something like this. Coloured elastic bands join two pegs of the same colour. There are routes to slide the pegs around. One aim is to get them sorted so that every elastic band is straight and doesn’t touch any other and that each facet  of the decahedron has three pegs of the same colour.

Like this.


This is a job for looking and thinking. No manual dexterity is needed and there’s no call for steady hands. It’s enjoyable and can make me utterly antisocial as I shut out others and attempt to solve it.



2 Responses to “Puzzles”

  1. currentdescendent Says:

    I keep trying to figure out why it’s a family failing. It’s a way to keep the brain active!

  2. locksands Says:

    Puzzles can do that for sure – but I always reckon that what with one thing and another my brain is kept active.

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