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Another January Image

January 20, 2016

I like calendars for they offer a chance to see a different image each month. Indeed, I have made one of my own for close on 20 years now, using my own (or my wife’s) photographs. But ones other folks kindly buy for me, following interests, are always well received gifts. We have already seen I have an Eric Ravilious calendar for 2016. Today we’ll take a first look at another which features British Railways advertising posters.

Now in case any people say, ‘oh no! Not railways again!’ then I’d say, well not really. This is more about art work. I’m quite good at not looking in advance at what the images will be, but as far as the January image is concerned, there is not a train or a railway in sight.


What we see here is some lovely art work by Jack Merriott for British Railways Eastern Region in 1955 with the suggestion that you might visit by train.

This would still be reasonably possible using the line between Newcastle and Carlisle. And what dramatic scenery there is to see. And those Romans were no idiots using the natural cliff to build their wall on.